Make your website multilingual in minutes. Change content in seconds.

When cool websites are built with the latest cool technology like Nodejs, Ruby on Rails, React, Angular or any other technology, you usually don't think about content management and localization. At one point the website grows and you don't want every change request from a marketeer to bother one of your developers, also you might want to expand to other countries and add multiple languages to your website. This usually takes a lot of development time to build into your website, but no more!

INSTANT offers easy content management for your custom build website or static site. Let anyone in your company be able to update your website instantly without using an admin page. Instantly add multi-language to your website or static site and instantly edit your website in multiple languages. Don't have a translator in-house? Simply order a professional translation through our system.

INSTANT is a revolutionary new way of thinking about content management and content as a service. You can add it to any website by simple adding our javascript client and tag the content you want to have editable. After that, you don't need to bother developers anymore to do text changes.

  • Every year, over 2 million tech start-ups launch their product.
  • Initially, content management is never high on the priority list.
  • With growth, text changes and translations become important. 
Traditional solutions:
  1. Implement a CMS - limits freedom, is complicated and costly.
  2. Use a framework - requires programming, equals time and money.
  3. Apply changes manually - takes developer time and is very slow.   

INSTANT is an instant content management service. 

Add inline text editing and localization to your website or app using just Javascript.
  • No more CMS headaches. 
  • No more design restrictions. 
  • No more language pack updates.
Most importantly: it puts your content writers back in control.